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DEAR BABY BLOGGER ep3: How to become a better writer 

To be a writer is a really difficult task not to talk of becoming a better one. We are all looking for ways to improve our writing skills and become the best in what we do that is the reason why I have created this series to help. Let’s just jump right into the tips.


  • Read great writers: an excellent writer to me may not be really good to you so look for the person you personally look up to and read some(if not all) their works and you can adapt their style of writing to yours. Also, have a wide variety of great writers and you can look for similarities and differences and apply it.
  • Keep a journal with you all the time: This tip has really worked for me because an idea might just pop into your head and if you have a journal, you will be able to write it down at that moment  but if you don’t have a journal, you would forget and great ideas only come once.
  • Read: Reading and writing are two things that cant be separated. Reading helps improve your knowledge and vocabulary which will definitely improve your writing.
  • Find the best time to write: There are certain times when you get motivated and the inspiration keeps flowing. Notice when that time is and plan to write at that time. When you know it’s time, go somewhere where you wouldn’t be distracted and write and trust me the piece of work would be amazing.
  • Write about things you know: I know this contradicts the first point but if you have a great knowledge at a particular thing then write about it then when you find out you need to expand your knowledge then you READ.

Thank you so much for reading, make sure you’re following so you don’t miss posts like this every Wednesday.


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