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Dear Baby Blogger ep4: How to boost your creativity

Believe it or not, everyone is creative. As bloggers, we need extra creativity to make our work outstanding. Here are ten things to do to boost your creativity.

> write freely anytime the inspiration comes

> carry a journal
Amazing things might happen anywhere so you have a journal to document it.

>take a nap
Naps helps to refresh the body and the naps

> find an inspirational spot
And get ready to be inspired anytime you’re there.

>follow the trend
Check out what’s hot currently and it might inspire you

> don’t compare yourself to other people
Comparing yourself to other people will make you feel like you’re not good at anything so STOP it.

>watch motivational speeches and role models.
They would inspire you and make you creative

>look at the world from a different perspective 
You might find something new and it might inspire you.

> don’t use social medias all time.
Take a break and read books. Reading books helps improve level of concentration

>clean your workspace
it gets rid of anything that can cause distractions.

Thank you so much for reading my post. I wish you a very good day.

 feel free to leave your questions below or email them to me


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