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Dear Baby Blogger ep5:35 Blog posts ideas when there’s nothing to blog about

There are days when we just feel so uninspired and we have nothing to blog about, Esther to the rescue. Here are 35 blogging ideas for days like that.

  1. A How-to post
  2. Challenges and tags
  3. Guest posts
  4. Review of something
  5. A day in your life
  6. Bucket list
  7. A storytime
  8. Run a contest
  9. Share your favorite quotes
  10. Write a short story
  11. Share your goals
  12. Share travel experience
  13. Give advice
  14. Share your favourite bloggers
  15. Share blogging tips
  16. Write a t about what you regret doing/ not doing
  17. Publish some facts
  18. Share important dates in history
  19. Post an obvious lie
  20. Answer to every single comments
  21. Blog about some FAQs
  22. Publish a “what if” post
  23. Share a recipe
  24. Share your story
  25. Rant
  26. Showcase a reader
  27. Share coupon codes
  28. Write a poem
  29. Make a list of hacks
  30. Share a childhood memory
  31. Share cute pictures of your favourite pet
  32. Share your most awesome moments
  33. Pose a scenario or a question to inspire a debate
  34. Interview other bloggers
  35. Create a video blog

24 thoughts on “Dear Baby Blogger ep5:35 Blog posts ideas when there’s nothing to blog about

  1. Fantastic list. We like suggestion 27, meaning receiving them – preferably for preferential booking at our favourite hotels…but then we don’t post every day – every 2 days. Gives a little time to think and also to gather our thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

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