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DEAR BABY BLOGGER ep 7: how to make your blog noticeable

Welcome to another episode of dear baby blogger, a series created to help baby bloggers and existing bloggers. Today’s topic is about how to make your blog noticeable.

  • Make exciting content regularly: I’m sure we all love to read exciting and interesting contents on blogs so why not make yours fun to read as well.
  • Don’t underestimate social media: When you create amazing content, you should share on it your various social medias so that everyone can read your creativity and if you follow the first point then they’ll definitely come back for more!
  • Engage with your audience: If you follow the first point then you’ll get comments but don’t ignore them, tell them that you love and appreciate them for reading your posts. Everyone needs loves and appreciation once in a while.
  • Use pictures: We all get attracted to posts that makes use of colorful pictures so adapt that to your blog and get noticed!
  • Quality over quantity: The bitter truth is that no one is ready to sit down and read about 5 pages of a blog post on a particular topic so keep it short, sweet and simple.


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11 thoughts on “DEAR BABY BLOGGER ep 7: how to make your blog noticeable

    1. You should check out all the episodes out on Dear Baby Blogger and you should find one or two tips that would be useful👍🏽


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