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DEAR BABY BLOGGER ep 10: How to write an eye-catching blog post

Welcome to another episode of dear baby blogger, a series created to help baby bloggers and existing bloggers. Today’s topic is about how to write an eye-catching blog post.

Ask yourself this question, What draws my attention to a post?

  • Include graphics: This makes it easier to share your post and it summarizes your points concisely.
  • A catching introduction: Don’t give out too much information in the introduction. Make the reader itch for more so they’ll keep reading.
  • Avoid repetition: we’ve all come across one blog post or the other where the writer just keeps saying the same thing over and over again like “okay we get it! can you provide the info i came here for?”.
  • Include subheadings: i’m sure we all hate when we have to read through the whole post to find all the information we need. make it easy for your readers to skim through and get all they need.
  • Proofread: ensure that there isn’t any grammatical errors that would make your readers angry because some people really care about that.

I really hope this helped you!

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dbb how to write an eye catching blog post




6 thoughts on “DEAR BABY BLOGGER ep 10: How to write an eye-catching blog post

  1. As a new blogger still learning to blog, i just wanted to know… From where do you get your Featured images fr the blog posts. Do you simply download random images from google?

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