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DSY ep1: 5 habits of a successful Youtuber

Dear small Youtuber, you might have wondered why you aren’t getting as much views as some others your size. This can be applied to bloggers as well. Anyway, here are 5 habits of successful YouTubers. Which one are you doing?

  1. PLAN AHEAD:  Successful YouTubers never leave anything till the last minute. They are always organised and on top of their game. They plan their contents days or weeks before it is produced.
  2. CONSISTENCY: Successful youtubers are consistent. They stick to thier posting schedule. For example, i post three times a week and ive stuck to it ever since and i see that my channel is really growing. They never leave their subscribers wondering when next their upload will be.

3. PROMOTE:  Successful Youtubers promote their content on every social media platform they are on because they know that if they dont do it then no one else will do it for them hence generating more views and wider audience.

4. SUPPORT: Successful Youtubers support their fellow youtubers. They watch and comment on ther’s videos and they just dont post their videos without interacting with people in their community.

5. GREAT QUALITY: Successful Youtubers have good lighting, clean and silent surrounding and therefore this would result in great camera quality.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and you learnt something. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “DSY ep1: 5 habits of a successful Youtuber

  1. For years i’m been thinking about starting a youtube channel instead of blogging but super nervous 🙂 I will be able to use your youtube tricks in blogging 🙂 Great Post 🙂
    I would love for you to check out my latest post and blog xx

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  2. What if you are a youtuber but you don’t have money to afford a camera so you use your phone, but have great lighting, but your fanbase isn’t where it needs to be what should I do besides all that u listed?

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      1. Honestly I never thought about that, I was so focused on wanting alot of fans that I forgot the reason the main purpose of me starting my own channel thank you so much. Even though it was one word that one word helped me out.

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