I was asked to listen to a series of podcasts and I chose “fired over an Instagram post”

because the topic seemed interesting.

First of all, the intro was short, effective and engaging.  Also, the background music wasn’t overbearing and it was fitting with the topic of the podcast. In terms of accessibility, the podcast was easy to listen to and it was free as well. There were no unbearably long ad breaks between the main interview. The sound effects added actuality to the story and made the podcast a lot more enjoyable. The interviewer didn’t make listening a chore, they asked questions that would spark the curiosity of the listener.

There are other platforms in which the podcast can be listened for example, Apple, Radio public and Stitcher.

I found this task successful because it sparked my interest in podcasts.  I could listen to it on my phone, it made it really easy as I could be doing anything and still be listening.


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