Facebook Live

Facebook live broadcasts in real time to your friends and family members. It encourages people to share what they are doing at a particular moment in time. A good feature is that you can go live on your mobile phone which is really convenient which means you can go live anywhere and anytime. The viewers can also show their reaction by either chatting with the person or using the reaction buttons available. When you go live, an instant notification would be sent to your followers so they would be able to join.

When you open up the Facebook app, the process of going live on Facebook is very easy as it is easy to locate the Live button.

You have to give the live a title and description as well as choose who you would like to have the ability to view your live. There are also options for the live video. For example,  sync live and draw it which are all games and a way of interacting with your viewers.

After the live video ends, it stays in your story for 24 hours after which it would disappear forever.

This was successful because it was good for me to get an instant and honest reaction of my followers.


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