My birthday was on the 24th of November, I decided to throw a little party to mark my new age. There is no party without cake so I texted a few of my friends to recommend a cake maker because referral was the way to get the best cake. One of my friends later responded and told me about this cake maker and swore that her cake designs were beautiful and they tasted like heaven so yeah, I chose her. I got her contact and she sent a few pictures and honestly, I was impressed and happy that I didn’t have to go through so much stress to get the best cake. She told me she lives in Leeds and I was thinking that’s not too bad as long the cake was good. I sent her the picture of what I wanted and she told me she could do it and my joy tripled. The party day came and I had to send of one of my friends over to get it for me because I had uni. I was so excited to finally see the cake, I opened up the box and I was so disappointed because what I ordered wasn’t close to what I got.


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