Twitter moment

Twitter moments can only be created on the desktop version of Twitter however you need a twitter account to create a twitter moment.

Twitter moment can be seen as a way of saving your favourite tweets to make it into a slide show. It compiles tweets on a particular topic based on tweets you’ve liked and you have the freedom to choose what tweets you would like to include in your twitter moments. I find twitter moments convenient because I can look through as much tweets as I would like without having to follow the individuals. The amount of moments you can create are endless.

The process of creating a twitter moment was quite challenging because it’s not straightforward as I couldn’t find the button. The first step is to find the moments tab then title the moment and then add a description. then I added the tweets from the ones I’ve liked relating to black Friday.

Overall, I would say this feature was very successful and it would be useful in my journalism career as it would enable be compile tweets for a particular story that I would like to cover.


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