YouTube is seen as a platform of expressing views for many people. Some creators use this platform to show their talents while others use it to inform and entertain others. Videos can be uploaded on a computer or on a phone. In order to upload to YouTube, you would need a google account, I already had one.

Firstly, I had a video filmed and edited ready to upload in the highest quality.  I made sure the video was easily accessible on my phone and also made sure my internet connection was strong enough so the video doesn’t take a long time to upload.

After opening the YouTube app on my phone, I clicked on the camera logo on the top right corner of the app then I selected video and I chose the video I would like to upload. I was then taken to the page where I added the details like the title, description and tags. I also set the privacy of the video to public so it can be viewed by everyone. After the video is uploaded, I did further edit like annotating the video by adding links to a website and other videos.


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