Corona Virus

We all thought 2020 was going to be our year with fresh starts but the corona virus had other plans.
The first case of the corona virus in the UK was confirmed in January 2020 and since then, the number of confirmed UK cases has hit 171,253, while the total number of deaths is 26,711. Our social life has taken a nosedive with schools and non-essential businesses closing causing the loss of so many jobs.
Due to the outbreak, the majority of us have been confined to the four walls of our homes with little to nothing to do. it doesn’t feel like we have Mondays to Sundays anymore, it is just today, tomorrow, and yesterday. We are gradually getting tired of our daily routines
Social distancing, wearing gloves and masks, and clapping for the NHS every Thursday has become a norm. Seeing families and friends is now a crime.
As a university student, I’ve been forced to move home and take my classes online. Staying in the same place and seeing the same people all the time is exhausting. There are days I wake up with no motivation or energy so I just lay in bed till my stomach screams in hunger.
My sleeping pattern has been thrown out the window, my body doesn’t understand the concept of day and night anymore. I sleep in the mornings and wake up in the evenings.
My summer holiday plans to Italy has been cancelled without a doubt and luckily I got refunded.
As much negative impact the virus is having on the world as a whole, there are positives to the situation. The major positive is that this virus has opened our eyes to the essential workers that keep the country going and hopefully after this, we would learn to appreciate them not by clapping but by increasing their wages.
sometimes it still amazes me that a virus that cant be seen with the naked eye is putting the world on hold. As much as the times we’re in are uncertain, we all have to find a way to distract ourselves either by exercising, playing games or learning an instrument and hope life goes back to normal soon.

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