Corona Virus

We all thought 2020 was going to be our year with fresh starts but the corona virus had other plans. The first case of the corona virus in the UK was confirmed in January 2020 and since then, the number of confirmed UK cases has hit 171,253, while the total number of deaths is 26,711.… Continue reading Corona Virus


YouTube YouTube is seen as a platform of expressing views for many people. Some creators use this platform to show their talents while others use it to inform and entertain others. Videos can be uploaded on a computer or on a phone. In order to upload to YouTube, you would need a google account, I… Continue reading YouTube



I was asked to listen to a series of podcasts and I chose “fired over an Instagram post” because the topic seemed interesting. First of all, the intro was short, effective and engaging.  Also, the background music wasn’t overbearing and it was fitting with the topic of the podcast. In terms of accessibility, the… Continue reading Audio



My birthday was on the 24th of November, I decided to throw a little party to mark my new age. There is no party without cake so I texted a few of my friends to recommend a cake maker because referral was the way to get the best cake. One of my friends later responded… Continue reading Photo


Twitter moment Twitter moments can only be created on the desktop version of Twitter however you need a twitter account to create a twitter moment. Twitter moment can be seen as a way of saving your favourite tweets to make it into a slide show. It compiles tweets on a particular topic based on tweets you’ve… Continue reading Twitter moment


Facebook Live

Facebook live broadcasts in real time to your friends and family members. It encourages people to share what they are doing at a particular moment in time. A good feature is that you can go live on your mobile phone which is really convenient which means you can go live anywhere and anytime. The viewers… Continue reading Facebook Live


The Pocket App

There are times where you would see a very good article that you would like to read later or maybe you want to us it for a research or an assessment. The Pocket app is really good for that. The pocket app is also free which is good for students This app allows you to save… Continue reading The Pocket App

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How to manage stress

Today's topic is how to manage stress because we can't really get rid of stress because our daily routines will definitely stress us out no matter what. There are unhealthy ways by which people deal with stress e.g smoking, getting drunk, drugs, junk food and being aggressive towards other people. Here are few healthy ways… Continue reading How to manage stress

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Summer Skincare routine

My skin has been pretty awesome this summer you know. With some divine glow. I want to reach a point in my skin whereby people would be asking me what foundation i'm wearing (speaking it into existence). So i am a fan of natural products therefore African Black Soap is one of a necessity for… Continue reading Summer Skincare routine

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How to be confident

Confidence is the full trust and belief in yourself. Everyone has problems with the issue of self confidence especially the teenagers. So I decided to give few tips on how to build self confidence. 🔵 Dress with confidence You don't have to spend a fortune on new clothes as long as you have those that… Continue reading How to be confident