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How to manage stress

Today's topic is how to manage stress because we can't really get rid of stress because our daily routines will definitely stress us out no matter what. There are unhealthy ways by which people deal with stress e.g smoking, getting drunk, drugs, junk food and being aggressive towards other people. Here are few healthy ways… Continue reading How to manage stress

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How to be confident

Confidence is the full trust and belief in yourself. Everyone has problems with the issue of self confidence especially the teenagers. So I decided to give few tips on how to build self confidence. 🔵 Dress with confidence You don't have to spend a fortune on new clothes as long as you have those that… Continue reading How to be confident

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DSY ep1: 5 habits of a successful Youtuber

Dear small Youtuber, you might have wondered why you aren't getting as much views as some others your size. This can be applied to bloggers as well. Anyway, here are 5 habits of successful YouTubers. Which one are you doing? PLAN AHEAD:  Successful YouTubers never leave anything till the last minute. They are always organised and… Continue reading DSY ep1: 5 habits of a successful Youtuber

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Firstly, this page was formerly Thoughts9367 so you're not lost. I officially welcome you again, My name is Esther and my aim is to make your day by motivating you and making you laugh. I hope you follow my blog so you can get notification every time a new post is up. You can find… Continue reading Introduction

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Dear Baby Blogger ep5:35 Blog posts ideas when there’s nothing to blog about

There are days when we just feel so uninspired and we have nothing to blog about, Esther to the rescue. Here are 35 blogging ideas for days like that. A How-to post Challenges and tags Guest posts Review of something A day in your life Bucket list A storytime Run a contest Share your favorite quotes Write… Continue reading Dear Baby Blogger ep5:35 Blog posts ideas when there’s nothing to blog about

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DEAR BABY BLOGGER ep3: How to become a better writer 

To be a writer is a really difficult task not to talk of becoming a better one. We are all looking for ways to improve our writing skills and become the best in what we do that is the reason why I have created this series to help. Let's just jump right into the tips.… Continue reading DEAR BABY BLOGGER ep3: How to become a better writer 

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DEAR BABY BLOGGER EP1: 30 Tips for bloggers 

  Welcome to my first DEAR BABY BLOGGER post. As I mentioned in my 2017 blog update that I will be starting a new series called DEAR BABY BLOGGER where I will be giving tips on how to start and run a successful blog. I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions related… Continue reading DEAR BABY BLOGGER EP1: 30 Tips for bloggers